Safiya U. Noble, PhD



New Media, Culture, & Society
The Politics of Commercial Information
Race, Gender, & Sexuality in the Information Professions
Algorithmic Bias
Visual Commercial Culture
Technological Redlining

Select Presentations


Featured Speaker (March, 2017). Special Interest Group on Computers and Information in Society (a subgroup of the Society for the History of Technology, or SHOT). Hosted by the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. Mountain View, CA.

Invited Participant (2016). AI Now! Briefing on the impact of artificial intelligence in society. Convened by The White House, Microsoft, Google Open Research, and New York University. New York, NY.

Invited Talk (April, 2016). “Race, Gender and Information Bias Online.” Office for Diversity and Inclusion, Working Women’s Network, and University Library, Yale University. New Haven, CT.

Invited Keynote (March, 2016). “What Small Data Can Tell Us about Big Data Bias.” Strategic conversations series. Harvard University Library. Cambridge, MA.