IT and the New Face of Human Resources

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IT and the New Face of Human Resources

It is no secret that the advancements in the field of IT technologies have changed the way our world works, and the job market is no exception. Converging into the digital field is no longer optional, but rather a thing of keeping your head above the surface. Nevertheless, the online world perks are vast, at the very least, and when it comes to recruitment, this very procedure has found itself in process of change, for the employees and employers alike.

Distance is no Longer an Issue

One of the main perks that the Internet has brought upon is bridging the distance gap. Whether you’re trying to reach distant relatives or hire that perfect professional, the Web has made it all easier and, in some cases, at all possible. While this might’ve sounded ridiculously impossible a couple of decades ago, Asian managers, for example, can now find themselves working for startups in Western Europe. Employers no longer have to pick the most suitable worker from the local bunch, but can, instead, link up with perfect matches from across the globe.

Productivity and Work Ethics

The fact that you as an entrepreneur can obtain access to great numbers of quality workers means that your competition can follow in suit. This, however, isn’t really a downside – the game has stepped up globally, giving birth to a whole new world of efficient work ethics. Additionally, although modern-day employees will have to find online courses and training on their own, the amount of free or, at the very least, affordable sources of information is mind-boggling.

The slackers might not like this, but if a worker is performing badly, the word will travel quickly, which is more than an incentive for them to come up with better results and become more diligent than ever.

Seeing as how distance is no longer an issue, commuting and exhausting long-distance business trips are no longer a must – now, the workers, as well as the employees can focus on moving their businesses many steps forward.

Lastly, finding one’s dream job is a lot easier nowadays – the Internet offers more positions and the fact that you can find your perfect job anywhere makes for productive employees – if one loves their job, they will definitely enjoy it.

Morale Benefits

So, how does this automation help boost morale? The answer to this question might be a bit confusing – it brings down the chance of a mistake to a bare minimum. But how is this related? Having to tackle a large number of tasks simultaneously is not only overwhelming for an employee, but it is a source of stress, which greatly dwindles productivity, not something anyone wants occurring. By keeping things categorized and simple, utilizing modern tools, you’re not only looking at dwindling the chances of mistakes happening to a minimum, but also at a huge morale boost which is essential for keeping up with the pace of your competitors.

Know Your Tools

Simply googling for workers sounds a bit too ridiculous? Well, that’s because it really is. This is not to say that things are terribly difficult. With the help of useful tools available out there, you can come up with a dream team with nothing but a bit of patience, diligence and dedication. There are many applications available out there, such as BaseCamp, which is becoming more popular each day. When it comes to accounting, tools like NetSuite and Freshbooks go without saying. Allay is a perfect tool for insurance and healthcare costs and there are many other pieces of employee management software that have, are and will be making HR professionals’ lives easier further down the line.

And then, naturally, there are the common, obvious tools, such as the world-famous Skype and LinkedIn, commonly known as “Facebook for professionals”.

However, face-to-face conversations are something else. It is still an opinion of many that committing to a business relationship cannot be achieved without an in-person interview. The important factor to bring into any business equation is outlined in the fact that these tools and apps are no substitution for a face-to-face conversation.

The mentioned tools are incorporated for coming up with a wider array of candidates for a position and for performing background checks and basically narrowing down the spectrum to a one-digit number (not a rule of thumb). The main perk of these tools here is the fact that social media such as LinkedIn can provide a lot of useful information which cannot be found in CVs, like candidates’ interests, personality, ambition and character in general.

The IT innovations have brought a ton of useful tools and apps, but, perhaps even more importantly, a great deal of ease for both employers and employees. Keeping up with the modern pace is no longer a luxury, but a thing necessary for coping with the business world of today.


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