Google Search: Hyper-visibility as a Means of Rendering Black Women and Girls Invisible

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Here is a recent article published in InVisible Culture, an electronic peer-reviewed journal of visual culture from the University of Rochester. The article explores the ways in which racialized and gendered identities are often misrepresented in commercial search engines.

This ongoing research looks at a number of identities: Black girls and women, Latinas, Asian women and girls, and White women to complicate how social identity implodes in online commercial environments where identity is for sale to the highest bidder through advertising models. I am hopeful this research will have impact on public internet policy as I continue to explore the loss of political agency and representation afforded to communities on the first page of Google results. This broader research on multiple identities is forthcoming in a book stemming from my dissertation.

Citation: Noble, S. U. (October, 2013). Google search: Hyper-visibility as a means of rendering black women and girls invisible. InVisible Culture: Issue 19.


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