Nina Flores, PhD

Listening to the 1973 album 'A Grain of Sand' which captures themes of the Asian American movement. These lyrics from 'Imperialism Is Another Word for Hunger' say it all:

"It's just another word...for struggle,
Taking back...what you need.
We will go...where the people lead."

Rather than facing a "crisis" from demographic decline, what if university administrators (public & private), have so badly mismanaged universities that they now face a budget "crisis" because they can't continue to raise tuition above inflation?

I require my grad students to read Engels & I then ask them about the processes & geographies that constitute today’s housing question. The brilliant @rcmoya84 lays it out for us in this thread 👇🏽

Thread in light of #Juneteenth 🖤

Post civil war/early 20th century black style is not something we see often.

Harriet Tubman's great-nieces Eva Katherine Stewart Northup + Alida Maud Stewart. Harriet helped to raise them. This was at Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration in 1913👇🏽


Nina Flores, PhD



Nina M. Flores, PhD is an urbanist and interdisciplinary researcher whose teaching, scholarship, and freelance writing is informed by training in political science, education, and urban planning. Her writing on gender, politics, community development, education, and activism has been featured in national publications, with bylines in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Miami Herald, Ms. Magazine Blog, YES! Magazine, and Progressive Planning.

Nina's research on street harassment draws on issues of gender, safety, technology, and cities. She studies how social media is used to process and share harassment experiences in public space; examines connections between on-line and on-the-ground anti-harassment social movement activity; and explores how community planners and organizers can use digital information to understand and address complex urban problems. She also writes about campus sexual assault for academic and public audiences.

Nina's past professional experience includes working as a jury consultant and political messaging strategist, during which time she conducted pre-trial focus group research for medical malpractice, environmental, and discrimination cases in more than 30 states. She is the former managing editor of Critical Planning Journal, and a past fellow with The OpEd Project. Currently, Nina is a faculty member in the Social & Cultural Analysis of Education program at CSULB. She has a PhD in Urban Planning from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.