Molly C. Niesen, PhD

Just muted that stupid ‘#walkaway’ hashtag.

The bots and trolls spreading it aren’t even being smart about it.

Talking about how they walked away from the Democratic Party just yesterday, meanwhile their timeline is full of MAGA bullshit dating back a year.

The bill that just passed the Senate and House isn't tax reform - it's a giant handout for the rich and powerful. There is no shame left in Washington when the biggest piece of legislation passed by this Republican Congress is literally a windfall for their wealthy donors.

This guy belongs on the list of 2020 Democratic presidential prospects. Not because he's a Kennedy -- although, in all honesty, that helps -- but because he gets it.


Molly C. Niesen, PhD



Dr. Molly C. Niesen is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Eastern Illinois University. She completed her Ph.D. in the Institute of Communications Research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Her doctoral thesis, “Crisis of Consumerism: Advertising, Activism, and the Battle over the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, 1969-1980,” won the National Communication Association’s Most Outstanding Dissertation Award for 2014, Critical Cultural Studies Division. Another paper on regulatory debates over children’s advertising was awarded the Brian Murphy Best Paper Award at the 2013 Union for Democratic Communications conference in San Francisco, CA.  Dr. Niesen is currently preparing a monograph-length manuscript for publication based on her doctoral dissertation work.

Dr. Niesen also pursues research in the political economy of media, media and advertising history, public policy, public relations and propaganda studies. She is currently working on a new project on the political economy of the online dating industry. More about her extensive teaching experience and her philosophy as a classroom instructor can be found here. In addition, she holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Advertising from the University of Illinois and has a professional background working in that field.