Artists make up with the censorship of Instagram: “People are getting more and more annoyed”

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March 15, 2018 at 02:36AM, Norrtelje Tidning

Instagram has over half a billion users across the globe, and on-the-job services share close to 100 million images and videos daily. The service’s moderators, who are in countries such as the Philippines and India, are therefore fully charged with assessing posts flagged as offensive by users.

People are getting more and more annoyed and frustrated by the fact that big companies can do anything with one’s information

But beyond the more obvious violations, there are pictures that are deleted without explanations or comments from the responsible. For the artists, Arvida Byström and Molly Soda, who use Instagram as an exhibition room, the book “Pics or it did not happen – Instagram photos banned” was a way of showing dissatisfaction with what they call the Instagram Censorship.    Read more

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